Changing Role and Acceptance of Chaplains


“More and more institutions across the United States are hiring chaplains and other spiritual care providers. Some are places that have long employed chaplains, but others may come as a surprise.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for example, recently installed a new chaplain. Various police departments are adding additional chaplains, as are horse racing tracks. At the same time, chaplaincy positions continue to exist in the U.S. House and Senate.”

We thought the idea of offering corporate chaplaincy services was good for employees and company culture.  We didn’t realize that other institutions like MIT also saw the value.

People view chaplains as safe practitioners of care who can be contacted during times of difficulty.  The feedback we’ve received from employees we serve is that they don’t know who to turn to during crisis or with a hard life transition.

We are grateful to keep working to deepen in this special work and to see other institutions seeing the value.