Employees Flourishing Personally and Professionally

Is it a worthy vision and conversation to have?
How do we incarnate such a vision?
What would the outcomes look like?

Value #1:  Help employees flourish personally and professionally.

It’s one of the primary values I keep thinking about as I do my employee care/corporate chaplaincy work.  And like a wannabe poet, I think…

What good is it if an employee has a great personal life but the professional setting is a struggle?
Won’t one affect the other?

What good is it if an employee has a great professional life but they’re struggling personally?
Won’t one affect the other?

I’ve seen and heard people living a great personal life but struggle professionally.  The worksite is causing more headaches than mind-blowing ideas!  Work partnerships are taxed and sometimes there’s a lack of understanding from managers.  The employee feels stuck, voiceless, and helpless.  They end the day with their head down, knowing that the issue will exist the next day.  The hope is that the work stress doesn’t mess with the home.  But it can…even to the best of us.

Value in Practice and Outcomes

Every company is a body of people working towards something.  As an employee care consultant, this first value makes me think about desired outcomes.  If a company has a deep value to see their employees flourish personally and professionally, I wonder if these would be explicit outcomes:

  • employees not stressing out about finances.  They’re wise about budgets and living within means but there is also a fair AND sustainable compensation.
  • flexible schedules:  I know this is dicey but if employees act like adults and employers treat them like adults, then there’s space for flexibility.  It will become the new normal.
  • Performance metrics at work show a steady incline:  loving your work and feeling good about your personal life will most likely show an increase in performance.  Sustained incline is the key.
  • A joy to go to work and to go home as well:  joy is that deep-seated awareness of gratitude and contentment.  We can and should experience it in the workplace and home life.
  • Employees having deep work roots but also do great self-care:  we need boundaries for both and habits for both.
  • The work is meaningful, joy-filled, and requires deep effort.
  • Healthy professional relationships and self-awareness which leads towards a life of compassion and gratitude.

Sounds too good to be true?  Unattainable?!  Great!  Sign me up!  We need a vision that is greater than us!

The future of work will adopt this type of value.  Companies that do are going to succeed.  Companies that don’t will stay in the age-old paradigm of “Do what I say!”.