Gracias. Perdón.

If I can only practice gratitude and forgiveness for the rest of my life, it may be just be a life well lived.

Entitlement and control keep me from recognizing gifts of grace that I don’t make happen, but receive.

Protecting myself out of fear keeps me from forgiving others, myself, or even God.

Gracias. Thank you for the gift you offered.

Perdón. Please pardon me for the way I have mistreated you.

There is a need in the workplace to practice gratitude and forgiveness. Forgive your workplace for not being perfect. Forgive your coworkers for not turning things in on time.

Forgive yourself for not meeting deadlines and for thinking that work was going to fulfill all of your sense of meaning and purpose.

Express your thankfulness to a team member today. Say thank you to those who work alongside you. Be thankful for what you have instead of resenting what you don’t have.