The Business of Becoming

Most companies don’t have a corporate chaplaincy program. I wish they did. I could employ some great leaders to help care for employees. Much of our work is to ask people, “How are you?” Our aim is (our real aim…those secret longings and goals we have) is that people reflect on who they are becoming.

Our service is not reduced to spiritual or crisis care because of our title. The work is about a partnership with employees to help them think critically about who they long to be and become. Isn’t that what we’re consciously or subconsciously thinking about?

Take my friend Art for example. The other day, he told:

Art: I’ve been thinking a lot about money lately. I can’t sleep at night thinking about it.

Me: What do you think the thoughts are trying to tell you?

Art: I want more for my life. It’s not about the money. It’s what I can do with it to help my family. I don’t want to see them struggling.

Art is thinking about the kind of person he wants to be and become. I’m simply creating space to listen so that he can shape and form, understand and discern. We’re making intentional space to examine our lives.

How often are you given space to examine your own life? How often is someone deliberately asking you to discern and reflect on the life you’re making?

As chaplains in the marketplace, our work is to help set the table for discernment and examination. We are curating questions and letting people go to work on their inner selves. What is done outwardly is first worked inwardly.

How can we serve your employees? We’d love the chance to create safe space for your team members.