Lent 2020 and Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lenten season.  We receive ashes as a sign of humility (from dust we came, to dust we return).  Lent is a time to remember themes like seek, call, forsake, and return.  Someone said that this is a time to give up who we’ve been in order to become who you can be.

Receiving Ashes:   I will be offering ashes Wednesday, February 26th at 9am and 12pm.  I will also hold a small homily at 12pm the same day.  It will be a 15 minute gathering.

Location:  My New Office is located between the Honda Used Car Lot and the Acura Store.

Fasting during Lent is one form of a spiritual discipline to re-habit our ways of being with God, each other, and our inner selves.  A few disciplines include (but are not limited to):

  • Food Fasting.  Abstaining from lunch to cultivate a hunger for God.
  • Social Media Fast.  Abstaining from all social media apps to cultivate good time management and be more mindful.
  • Scripture Reading and Prayer.  This is a combination of reading the daily scriptures regarding Lent and saying a prayer.
  • Prayer of Examen.  Specific form of a prayer at the end of the day to examine God’s presence and our response (or lack of it).
  • Communal Scripture Study and Prayer.  

If you would like, please join me for Communal Scripture Study and Prayer each Wednesday at 12pm for the Lenten Season.