You are not “Working from Home”…

Every time he’s on a Zoom call with his CEO, this happens….


Lol. Thank you internet. Good one.

These days many employees are either furloughed until the shutdown is over, still working on-site, or now working from home.

Working from home can be a fantasy that many would love to have- someone gets to sleep in, not dress up, and do half the work without the pressures of the workplace.

But in reality, you or someone you care for is probably experiencing a huge change in their work life and may be struggling to adapt to work from home. They want to deliver the same quality work their boss or customers still expect from the business.

Recently, my wife re-posted a popular meme on FB and it stated 6 perspectives that could make it healthier to cope during our workday as we navigate through this covid-19 pandemic:

You are not “Working from Home”. You are “At your home, during a crisis, trying to work.

Sooo true. In my home, everybody is either working or learning from home… (excuse me, at home).

I realized a few days ago how helpful a shift in perspective is…

I was on a phone call with a mortgage loan processor troubleshooting why my property taxes were miscalculated when she said, “So sorry about the background noise. That’s my daughter doing her online school. I’ve been working from home for one year, but this is tough. It’s been so hard having her home while I work.”

These days, she’s not working from home; She’s at her home trying to work, during a crisis. If we are in the same boat with her, maybe it’s a new perspective we all need to accept to help us get through the workday?

Maybe this viewpoint could help when….

  • You get interrupted by a family member right in the middle of a focused thought or phone call…
  • The computer or internet glitches, you lose your momentum, and you can’t get a hold of I.T. or that tech savvy co-worker…
  •  There’s less workspace and more distractions because you’re not the only one working at home during a crisis…
  • The kids aren’t focusing on their school work
  • Your barking/needy dog or cat won’t leave you alone for a second
  • You’re worried about the virus infecting your or your loved ones

Go easy on yourself and others. Change is hard.

According to psychologist Dr. Amy Johnson, don’t take it so personally.

You feel stress more often because each day during this crisis, your brain is literally re-wiring itself to accept the “new normal” you’re experiencing. It’s hard work to un-learn and re-learn! As a result, your tense thoughts and discomfort is more physical and mental than personal or moral.

The meme my wife posted had 5 other principles that could help you and your co-workers working from home (excuse me again… at home). I won’t discuss each one but feel free to think about them or share.

Working Remote during Covid 19

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Thank you, internet. Good one.

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