Essential to Survive and Thrive: What Does Love Say to You?


“This is too hard. I never should’ve gone back to college! I don’t have the smarts these younger students have.”

A couple years ago, I was coaching a college student on writing a paragraph. She broke into tears of frustration because she only saw mistakes and failures all over her paper. She was a new student who went back to school much later in her life.

So I replied, “I can see you’re very upset. Let’s take a break from this.”

After a few moments, I asked, “What does the voice of Love say to you?”

“What do you mean”, she asked while wiping her tears.

I said, “Think of one person who loves you unconditionally; someone you trust and has been a great support in your life. What would they say to you as you face this problem?”

“Well, that would be my Grandmother. She died. But I remember when I was a little girl she would tell me how smart I am and that I can go after whatever I set my mind to. She always encouraged me. Today, she would have said that I am smart and that I shouldn’t quit on my education.

“Yes, and does that sound like the voice of Love?” I could see the calm and assurance in her face as she nodded. We returned to our work, and over the next couple years she grew in her writing and made great progress in her education.

It took courage to face the challenge of starting over in her education. But courage doesn’t just come from nothing. 

Courage comes from a person that is aware of the Presence of Love, despite the failures and challenges. 

When we look back this year, we might see a trail of mistakes and failures. Or we might see some amazing accomplishments along with some major hardships. In any case, we can face the future with courage whenever we tap into the Voice of Love.

The voice of Love can be someone who unconditionally loves you and believes in you, even when you are afraid to trust in yourself.

If you have a faith practice, it can be the voice of love and truth from God’s spirit whispering, “Don’t be afraid. I am with you”.

So as we move through this pandemic and into the year- remember to ask yourself: “What does Love say to me as I face this,” and let that courage fill you and flow out of you into your days.

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