Essential to Survive and Thrive Series: Finding Our New Normal

My friend Kindra sent me this Gram early this morning.  She didn’t know I was writing about a new normal and hope.  

Illustration by @jo_love_

But the illustration serves a purpose to remind us that we are in a new reality of masks, workflows, team members, and challenges.  Language of test cases, policies, essential.  

My sense is that our brain is constantly churning over information, trying to make sense of this new reality.  That can prove to be stressful, hard, or frustrating.  As the chart illustrates, there are covid coasters of fear, stress, grief, loneliness.

Words like these fill our minds and hearts:

  • This is weird
  • I never thought I’d see this
  • I want my old routine
  • When will it go back to normal

There is also fatigue.  Making decisions, taking in information, routines and habits undone.  Some feel overworked.  Others need help.  We’re all trying to figure this out.

The New Normal will require us to adapt and meet challenges head on.  It will also require skill sets such as empathy, compassion, courage, and choosing joy.  These are all a choice.  We can complain, theorize about conspiracies, wish things were normal, but we have a choice in how we’ll respond.  

And you and I can respond with joy and hope, rebuilding a new normal.  

We are on the frontlines of rebuilding business, practices, and culture.  We can shape this with our choices to be people of compassion, community, kindness, and joy.  

Smile (underneath the mask).

Send a teammate or family member a word of encouragement.

Share joy with someone today!