Essential Ideas to Survive & Thrive: This Has Never Been Done Before

Allow me to get a little “deep” and empathize what I feel could be occurring not only for you, but many of us who are in work and leadership (including myself).
I can imagine that you and your team all feel like you can’t accomplish your inner goals and plans. You and your team have high standards for yourselves, Right?
This epidemic & shutdown has disrupted a lot of our goals and work-related expectations.

All of a sudden, we’re feeling very vulnerable, uncertain, not so confident in our work.

Here’s what I and my colleagues have been voicing these past weeks:
  • “I feel like I’m failing my co-workers and clients.”
  • “The lack of synergy and connection makes me think I should be better or doing more.”
  • “I feel like I’m doing something wrong”.
  • “I should be doing more, but don’t know what that could be.”
Not sure if you or your team are echoing these things, but thought I’d share them.
The truth is:
  • You do have amazing qualities that are still in you.
  • You’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got.
  • You’re not “doing it wrong” because this has never been done before 
  • You’re not failing them because you’re still in the game 🙂  

Keep going. You are re-learning and adapting to this change.

Take new information and circumstances humbly and with gratefulness. Despite how challenging it is, this new info and situation does have something valuable to offer you.

What are the good qualities in you that will be drawn out?

You’re gaining ground because this have never been done before 🙂