From Pandemic to Purpose

[I asked for permission to share the following stories]

Some weeks, an employee messaged me in response to a short post I sent out.  She described feeling foggy and exhausted, a little out of sorts.  Then she used the phrase, “pandemic fatigue”.  Another said they were forgetting things or why they stood up to go to the kitchen.  And yet another employee described feeling tired and drained more than usual.

Pandemic fatigue seems to be a thing.  We have never, in our lifetime, faced so many changes, decisions, and new practices (masks, 6 feet, elbow bumps, hand sanitizer, toilet paper).  

“Did you bring your mask?”

“Do we have toilet paper?”

“Did you wash your hands?”

This is the mental checklist these days.

Pandemic Fatigue.  Some have described not wanting to do anything, feeling so out of it, tired, binge watching shows, sleeping schedules all over the place, afraid of getting covid, not being able to visit a restaurant, have friends over, etc.

You know the drill.

How do we go from pandemic to purpose?  

What might help us reclaim our focus and sense of meaning?  


Telos is a greek word and concept that deals with the ultimate AIM or end game.  What’s the overall vision and goal we’re aiming for?  That’s what TELOS is trying to get us to think about.  It requires thinking about our existence, our sense of self, and our ultimate objectives in life.  

Just as important are values.  What principles and behaviors do we stake our life on?  Some have stated values.  A company may say, “we value integrity”.  It’s a value that dictates a certain behavior.  Many have unstated values that they’ve learned over time.  Their behaviors and actions point to what they may value and what their TELOS may be.

What is your TELOS?  

Pandemic does not define our TELOS.  But it can reveal it.  

Pandemic does not have to dictate our ultimate aim.  Even though there are health restrictions and procedures, it does not restrict of us from our TELOS.  

Our TELOS and VALUES can still be lived out.   They should be lived out!  

I know that I deeply value friendships and common care.  I love to see people living purposeful lives and encouraging that movement.  

I value creativity and love to support others who are creating businesses and art that have a TELOS of blessing others.  

What is your TELOS? 

By the way, it’s a lot easier to lead and manage a group (or be a parent) when we keep articulating and acting out our TELOS and values. We all need to be challenged and held accountable. It helps when these two guiding principles are being worked and talked through.