Short Term Steps, Long Term Vision

I was recently speaking with a few people about some hard circumstances they were facing.  After they shared some details about their situation, they asked me, “What advice might you have?”  What immediately came to mind was “short term steps, long term vision”.

Sometimes we find ourselves in tough spots and need some short term steps to get out of the jam we may find ourselves in.  What I have discovered is that it can feel overwhelming to face the dilemma.  We avoid it and not think about how it makes us feel.  We might experience fear, hopelessness, or anxiety if we think about the issue. 

Most of what I do is to help others name and be with the experience as honest and truthful as they can be.  While it might produce anxiety to face the issue, being honest about it is the first short term step in resolving the issue.  

I can’t stress how important it is to be truthful and honest about how messy or complicated a situation may be.  This is the space where we come to terms with the perceptions or even lies we may tell ourselves:

  • You’ll never reach your goal
  • You’re not good enough
  • Someone is always out to get me
  • If I just had….dot dot dot

Yet being truthful and honest will open us up to do the long term work of vision casting.  This is where we get to ask the question, “What do I want?”  This is an even more honest conversation we need to have with ourselves.  

After we are able to work on some short term steps (think of it as triage in an emergency room) to get out of the crisis, the big goal is to work on a long term vision for our lives.  And the questions to ask in this place are:

  • What do I care about most right now
  • What do I want
  • What image comes to mind of what I may want for this next season of my life/career/relationships?
  • What do I long for?

This approach can be used towards your career, workplace culture, personal relationships and goals, etc.  This is where I’ve seen the most growth in myself and others as we attend to the complicated and messy things in our lives with deep honesty and hope!

I’m available for short term counseling and coaching.  Reach out and let’s get to work!