Covid Care

Given the recent wave of Covid cases, I have received calls for spiritual and emotional care. There are so many thoughts and emotions one may feel:

  • How did this happen?
  • How is my body going to react?
  • When will I get back to feeling normal?
  • Will my friend or family member recover soon?

In some cases, the symptoms have increased to the point of requiring hospital care and long term recovery. Mostly, others experience symptoms that the CDC has already described as mild, but still requiring rest and recovery.

For those who find themselves in either case, it may be helpful to talk with a chaplain. Sometimes friends and family members want to listen and support but don’t have the words or experience to truly understand what you’re going through.

Some of the benefits of speaking with a chaplain include:

  • A safe place to process what you’re experiencing and make sense of what you’re going through
  • Identify spiritual, emotional, or daily needs and have a plan to receive support
  • Receive prayer or short term counseling care
  • Receiving spiritual/emotional care has shown to be a vital aspect of recovery

If you’ve been exposed to Covid and would like spiritual/emotional care, the following options are available for support:

Call or text the corporate chaplain at your worksite (HR will have the contact info as well)
We can utilize online platforms such as ZOOM, Facetime, or Facebook Messenger to do a live video chat.

As chaplains, our hearts grieve for those who lost loved ones due to Covid. We have seen an increase in calls due to hospitalization or the death of a loved one. We are available to provide grief care for you and the family.

Your health and recovery matter. Honoring the loss matters.


Chaplain Roy