Exciting Announcement

We are excited to announce Kindra Green Carson  as the new COO of SquarePatch!!

Kindra will develop strategy and implement organizational values and goals for the company. She comes with 20 years of experience in leading and 5 years of consulting. She has a Doctorate in Leadership and is a Certified Leadership Coach. 

Kindra is passionate about healthy leadership and the dignity and power of the individual. She thrives on challenge and change. She looks forward to this new year and this fantastic opportunity. 

Kindra says: 

My favorite thing about this work is supporting companies to fulfill their mission through people living into their fullness—                                      working with dignity and leading with whole hearts.”

Kindra looks forward to serving you and your companies while empowering SquarePatch to fulfill its mission—we believe the workplace deserves purpose, meaning and joy, by nurturing a humanizing environment through care, coaching, and counseling.