Etty Hillesum – A Life Transformed

I’m currently working on a doctorate and this year’s subject matter is conflict and compassion.  The coursework and readings are not your typical “five steps of conflict management”.  The focus is more about self-awareness, emotional self-regulation, and being curious about the needs and wants within the conflict. It takes some effort to do this typeContinue reading “Etty Hillesum – A Life Transformed”

Essential Ideas to Survive & Thrive: This Has Never Been Done Before

Allow me to get a little “deep” and empathize what I feel could be occurring not only for you, but many of us who are in work and leadership (including myself). I can imagine that you and your team all feel like you can’t accomplish your inner goals and plans. You and your team have high standardsContinue reading “Essential Ideas to Survive & Thrive: This Has Never Been Done Before”

Essential Ideas on Emotional Health and Addiction During COVID-19

For some, an existing anxiety, depression, or addiction could increase in degrees or new symptoms can emerge.  It can feel overwhelming. It’s like our minds are stuck in a cycle or wave of confusion and powerlessness.  For many who are recovering from unhealthy thought patterns and addictions, I believe the feeling of powerlessness is theContinue reading “Essential Ideas on Emotional Health and Addiction During COVID-19”