Essential Ideas to Survive & Thrive: This Has Never Been Done Before

Allow me to get a little “deep” and empathize what I feel could be occurring not only for you, but many of us who are in work and leadership (including myself). I can imagine that you and your team all feel like you can’t accomplish your inner goals and plans. You and your team have high standardsContinue reading “Essential Ideas to Survive & Thrive: This Has Never Been Done Before”

Essential Leadership: Strong Backs, Open Hearts

How are you supposed to navigate and lead your team during this crisis?  Your work is already filled with making lots of small and impactful decisions.  But the added layer of new budgets in light of an economic downturn, working under a new level stress…the bridge is feeling the stress and weight of the heavyContinue reading “Essential Leadership: Strong Backs, Open Hearts”

Curiosity is Essential to Survival

I’ve been curious about what might be helpful for us during this pandemic.  None of us have ever experienced anything like this before so we’re all on the same playing field.   One response from some is to start inventing and starting from scratch.  These folks are the ones who say stuff like: “Can’t do businessContinue reading “Curiosity is Essential to Survival”