Leadership: Alignment

We couldn’t agree more with this view of leadership:

Organizations need people for their energy, effort, and talent. Individuals need organizations for the many rewards they offer. But the needs of the individual and the organization don’t always line up very well. When the fit between people and organizations is poor, one or both suffer. Individuals may feel underpaid, unappreciated, or disrespected. Organizations sputter because individuals give less than their best or work against organizational purposes. Douglas McGregor argued some fifty years ago that the central task of leadership is to ensure alignment between people and organizations so that individuals find satisfying, meaningful work, and organizations get the talent and energy they need to succeed.

Bolman, Lee G.; Deal, Terrence E.. How Great Leaders Think

While there are structural and strategic forms of leadership, organizations need people to execute their tasks with precision. Our team has seen it time and again when an organization isn’t tight and right on their care for employees. Higher turnover. Low morale. Infighting. Lack of motivation.

Harmony is what we long for in our corporate structures. Harmony of purpose, values, meaning, and care of the people.

One way to accomplish this is by doing exercises to reflect on what’s working and what needs improvement. Get your team involved and empower them to be honest. It’s humbling (humiliating sometimes) but very meaningful. Remember that it’s helping us get to the results we’re hoping for!