SquarePatch exists to partner with companies that believe their team members are its greatest asset and who want to provide ongoing talent development with supportive care.  We believe that people flourish best when leaders, organizations, and team members are healthy and whole.

Companies are a lot like a garden patch:  it thrives best when there is continuous care and maintaining the right environment for the garden to flourish.

We’ve found that focusing on values of compassion, courage, and continuous development are great tools to cultivate a healthy organizational culture.

There are three layers to our services:

  1. Leadership Development and Organizational Health Consulting
  2. Talent Development Consulting
  3. Corporate Chaplaincy services for employees

The multi-layer approach ensures that we attend to the corporate system as a whole.  In practice, we offer workshops, ongoing leadership coaching and development, as well as employee care (24-7 crisis care, 1-1 short term coaching and counseling).  We also offer consulting for social responsibility initiatives to foster community outreach engagement that adheres to a company’s vision to care for the local community.